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Presenting reviews of large print books, audiobook reviews, low vision software evaluations, and other items of interest to individuals with low vision. Including articles on eye health, eye diseases and disorders, accessibility issues, literature, products for the blind and visually impaired, plus travel articles and travel tips.

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Living with low vision, or any other visual impairment, may require that you 'do things' differently than others. Those with low vision may only need to switch from standard print to large print books in order to read comfortably. Others may find that instead of reading visually, reading tactically, using braille, is the way to go. Whether your vision loss is new, or you're an old hand, you'll find within the pages of this site, a variety of reviews covering not only books and audiobooks, but also software and low vision aids and products. Our aim is to help you meet some of the challenges associated with living with a visual impairment, and to help you enjoy the same pursuits you always have - from reading to playing computer games. To get you started, here is a small sample of what you will find inside the pages of Large Print Reviews...

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